Molotow Wall Sketcher

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Molotow Wall Sketcher - XL Pencil

Robust drawing pencil for pre-drawings on uneven surfaces!

Thanks to a strong graphite lead (4.5 mm) with a degree of hardness of 10H, this drawing pencil is perfect for weatherproof sketching and pre-drawings on rough surfaces. It is suitable for
walls, canvases and paper.

Its oval body in black-matt not only looks fine, it is also comfortable in hands.

- drawing pencil with graphite lead (4.5 mm)
- degree of hardness: 10H, sharpened
- weatherproof & non-fading
- perfect for hatching, sketching & artworks
- for pre-drawings and markings on walls, canvases & paper
- shadings and grey gradings possible
- suitable for rough and hard surfaces
- oval, black-matt body
- MOLOTOW™ logo in white
- length: 24 cm