Molotow Logo 3D Poster

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Molotow Logo 3D Customisable Train Poster 

Add a customisable 3D train to your graffiti collection!

The 3d train posters from Belton - Molotow come in 2 styles and 2 sizes. 

Large size - 65cm x 15cm

Small size - 45cm x 11cm

Styles: Molotow Logo (blue) and USA Subway


About The Train:

The Belton Molotow Train was created as a tribute to graffiti artists! Madness followed as some of the worlds best crews & graffiti artists migrated to the MOLOTOW™ Headquarters to find a train on rails dropped in their backyard? CRAZY!! Great to see these artists with a little more time on there hands create some amazing graffiti art that would be almost impossible to achieve in the real world without Molotow.

Props to Molotow for keeping it street and giving the writers what they want!

Get in on the action with the 3D Molotow train poster.

Large and small sizes currently in stock!

Also Available in USA model!