Molotow Twin Marker Sets

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Molotow Twin Marker Set of 6

1.5 & 4mm Nib

MOLOTOW’s ONE4ALL range is highly versatile fluid acrylic system. ONE4ALL paint can be applied by marker, brush or airbrush.

Whether twin marker, broad strokes, drips or filigree lines are required, a variety of filled and empty marker are available available.

All ONE4ALL markers are equipped with the patented capillary system, which enables a constant paint distribution. Tips are replaceable to prolong marker life and ONE4ALL markers are built to be refilled - these are not a disposable products.

The ONE4ALL range are available in 50 shades of refills inks (not all colours available in some marker sizes). The ink works on nearly all surfaces. They can be mixed for individual shades.

• Acrylic based
• Matte finish
• Highly opaque
• Permanent
• Good UV resistance
• Quick-drying
• Non toxic
• Conforms to ASTM D 4236
• Dilute with water or acetone (1–3%)
• Made in Germany

Application Examples:
• plastics
• styrofoam
• paper
• textile
• canvas
• wood
• terracotta
• concrete
• cardboard
• acrylic glass
• metal
• cotton
• natural fibre
• treated wood
• stone
• glass
• wax and many other surfaces!

Important: product should be tested for compatibility before by trying to applicate the color on an inconspicious spot. Please note that smooth and unabsorbent surfaces are naturally better suited for painting than absorbent, flexible and uneven surfaces.

Further information can be found in the ONE4ALL User Guide (download above). The ornamental applications shown there can serve as an inspiration for creativity. Nevertheless, an individual evaluation of the surface should still be done in advance.

It is recommended to clear coat artworks if outdoors to protect from weather.

Diluting with up to 3% acetone improves adhesion of inks to some surfaces.

Contains Colours: Zinc Yellow, DARE Orange, Traffic Red, True Blue, Signal White, Signal Black

Basic Set 1
• 1 x 006 zinc yellow
• 1 x 085 DARE orange
• 1 x 013 traffic red
• 1 x 204 true blue
• 1 x 160 signal white
• 1 x 180 signal black
• All 6 markers come with Refill Extensions

Basic Set 2
• 1 x 161 shock blue middle
• 1 x 206 lagoon blue
• 1 x 221 grasshopper
• 1 x 042 currant
• 1 x 200 neon pink
• 1 x 096 MISTER GREEN
• All 6 markers come with Refill Extensions

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