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Vandal Vault Graffiti Supplies

"Hello my name is" Scuba Steve owner of vandal vault

As a dedicated collector of graffiti merch I'm often buying the stuff I want from overseas paying twice the price to get it here..

I realised there are probably others like myself with a huge interest in graffiti just limited suppliers in Australia. After many visits to my local graffiti stores I ended up having everything they sold.

I would survey the store for a new addition to my collection and most of the time have it already. Leading to me ending up with doubles of anything I liked in the hope I could trade it on for my next addition.

I wanted to create a store to help others and myself find graffiti products from around the world hopefully saving us both some money! my collection is always growing so let me know if you have any limited edition cans or graffiti merch for sale.

As an online based store I fall into a different category for wholesaling and it is more expensive for me to buy products than a graffiti shop front (physical shop) That said I will always try to be competitive with pricing and to have an advantage I will be giving away a lot of free stuff with every purchase!

So you can guarantee if you are a happy with the price you will be twice as happy when your package arrives with more than you expected. 

As it is only me I will be expanding as much as I possibly can! I will be stocking more products but please feel free to let me know if there is something you would like to see in stock. 

Vandal Vault will be endorsing/sponsoring graffiti art and artists with plans in the future to get artists on the payroll with a writing team as well as running sketch competitions, bundle deals, street art (graffiti) giveaways, and much more!