Molotow Empty Markers 2 - 60 mm

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Molotow Empty Markers

---711EM / 611Em / 411EM / 311EM / 211EM / 111EM---

Nib: 60mm / 15mm / 15mm /4-8mm / 4mm / 2mm

Contents Empty - Empties - Empty's
Nib Size 15mm Broad Chisel Felt Nib
Refillable Yes

Fill these markers with One4All paints, Grog Full Metal Paint, Grog Buff Proof Ink and more. 

MOLOTOW offers empty markers from 1mm -60mm. All empty markers are equipped with the original Flowmaster™ valve and the patented capillary system. The tips are exchangable. MOLOTOW™ empty markers guarantee the best quality, handling and performance!

ONE4ALL EMPTIES – 111EM/211EM/311EM/411EM/611EM

EMPTY versions of the MOLOTOW™ 127HS, the 227HS and the 327HS ONE4ALL.
Equipped with the original Flowmaster™ valve and the patented capillary system.
Exchangeable tips.
Refillable with all MOLOTOW™ refills.
There are also empty versions of the MOLOTOW™ 427HS and 627HS available.


The 411EM + 611EM are the empty-marker version of the 427HS + 627HS – and just like its colleagues equipped with the Flowmaster™-valve and an exchangeable 15 mm highflow-tip.
Easily refillable with all MOLOTOW™-refills or your own ONE4ALL-colour mixture.


Do you want to apply other MOLOTOW™ inks and paints to larger areas? No problem with the empty marker version of our 760PI/767PI markers!

Equipped with a record-breaking, exchangeable, extra-wide 60mm high-flow tip.
Ink-flow through 8 colour channels of the Flowmaster™ pump-valve
Refillable with all MOLOTOW™ refills.