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$50 Mixed Stickers - Slaps - Blanks 

Can’t make up your mind? Grab a Vandal Vault mixed blank pack!!

 Includes Atleast 6 Different Styles to test out and find your goto slap!

You Choose:

120 Mixed - Egg Shells - Atleast 5 or more Different Styles

250 Mixed - High Tack - Atleast 5  or more Different Styles

If there is any stickers you would like to see in your pack feel free to message me on instagram @vandal_vault or Email: vandalvault@gmail.com

That'll keep you busy!

Stickers may include Brands like:


Hater Proof

Bad Habits

Butcher Shop Blanks

Montana Cans


MTN - Montana Colors



Loop Colors

One Take 

Egg Shell 

And many others

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